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Art Studio Petra Moll


Freelancing Artist, Graphic designer and Illustrator.
Lives in Daingean, Ireland

  • The artist Petra Moll, originally from Neustadt, Hessen in Germany, has been living and working in Ireland since 1997. Prior to moving and living in Ireland she studied in both the field of the Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Her graphic design skills together with her artistic expression have come to adorn and illustrate children books and a range of book covers. She participated in Masterclasses with internationally renowned artists. She has participated and collaborated in various group exhibitions since 1990 throughout Europe. She was recently represented in Arte Genova 2017. Her work is currently being represented by a gallery in China. Parallel to her own in depth career of being a painter, she gives workshops to adults and children. Her work has been acquired by private collectors around the world

I grew up in a very small town in Germany surrounded by forests, farmland and wild nature.
Horses played a very important role throughout my whole life.


I used to wander off for hours whenever I could and spend my day outside, taking in the sounds and scents of nature, spending time with animals and playing in the woods. When I was outside my life was magic and I took this magic home with me and would spend the rest of the day painting . Throughout the years I have learned to work with a number of different mediums and a lot of my early studies and works where focused on fine art and naturalistic landscape painting, portrait painting and paintings of horses. But over the years I began to work more expressive and semi abstract . My colours became more vibrant and much stronger, especially since I started to work with acrylics and using pigments to make my own egg tempera paint . Today I like to work free from everything, just listen to my inner voice and feelings, but my experiences from my childhood past are still present and they appear in my paintings in a different way. My landscape paintings today are far from realistic, they resemble more of a dreamscape, probably something we all carry in our self somewhere, a magic hideout for our inner being. Along with the figure of the horse and other animals which are giving a longing for freedom and Empathy on a different level. I also like to experiment with different emotions and feelings in human figurative painting, looking for answers in what we are and why...


  • Art classes with Ballycommon group. Our weekly art classes are taking place every Tuesday evening from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm at Killmurry cross community hall, outside Tullamore at a rate of 10 Euro per person. Bring your own material and join the fun and creativity.
  • Individual art classes and workshops are available at my studio, based on the students experience from beginner to intermediate.
  • External art classes and workshops for groups can also be arranged on request. For more information about times and rates, please contact me.

When work is a pleasure, life is a joy!
When work is a duty, life is slavery.


  Address: Offaly, Ireland
 Phone: 00353 ( 0 ) 86 3478 408

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